Aura Experience


Welcome to BitterFoxx Studios, We're all about helping you conquer your beauty, body and wellness goals while delivering top-notch services that make you feel confident AF in your own skin and totally adore the amazing person staring back at you in the mirror. Our mission is simple: provide you with the best waxing, beauty, and body contouring treatments that will leave you feeling absolutely amazing. We only use premium, all-natural products that are gentle and safe for your precious skin. Plus, our super talented team is here to ensure you have an incredible experience from start to finish!


    The BEST in brows, and we've got some serious skills in body hair removal too! Our wax formula? It's a carefully crafted gentle masterpiece, packed with ingredients that'll will make your skin fall in love. Whether you're after flawlessly smooth Brazilians or brow perfection, we've got you covered.


    Level up your studio experience with our carefully selected products that are designed to enhance your before and after wax rituals. Wave goodbye to stubborn ingrowns, achieve optimal pH levels, and indulge in the luxurious sensation of silky smooth skin with our amazing goodies.


Boost your results, babe! Check out our amazing collection of intimate care goodies that are flying off the shelves!

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  • "I would highly recommend this business to anyone. Their studio is beautiful and so clean, the staff is kind and helpful, and they do great work. I’ll definitely be returning!"

    - Ansleigh

  • "I would highly recommend this business for anyone who wants waxing services! I heard they even do body contouring and makeup. I would definitely come back every month!"

    - Jodie

  • "I’ve been coming to Bitterfoxx Studios for a year now. I travel from Baltimore all the way to Wilmington to see India because she’s THAT GOOD!"

    - Jana